KnockoutJS: UI does not update when using observableArray

It seems this is a common mistake when working with KnockoutJS. Developers, myself included, have spent plenty of time scratching our heads over why a drop-down, or other list-based page element, doesn’t dynamically update when items are pushed into an observableArray.

When you’re regularly working with observables, you get into a habit of calling the observable to set a  value.

// Define an observable
var myObsrvable = ko.observable();

// Make the value change on the page
myObservable(‘some value’);

So when working with an observableArray, you could be forgiven for automatically doing the same.

// Define an observableArray
var myList = ko.observableArray();
// This does not update the UI
myList().push(‘some value’);

Why doesn’t this work? The reason is because calling myList() returns the underlying array, and knockout doesn’t see “some value” being pushed in.

The correct way is to use the push method on the observableArray itself which ensures knockout gets notified of the addition.

// The UI now updates
myList.push(‘some value’)

As well as push(), an observableArray provides a number of other array-like functions, such as pop() and splice() – see for further details.

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